Monday, February 7, 2011

Silent Elegance

Nobody listed in Monday’s masthead is capable of sign language so one is forgiven to presume that booking a model who is deaf/mute for a major layout is an act of complete masochism.  
When the idea was mentioned to our editorial group, production head, art team and sittings editor, nervous glances were exchanged. Based on the facial expressions the implicit and collective protest would be worded this way: How in God’s decomposing earth can you art-direct a deaf/mute person?! 
But this magazine’s creative team has the taste for the impossible. The overenthusiastic group saw beyond the limitation and imagined the elegant possibilities in model Christine Balaguer’s profile. Thankfully we ended with neat layouts.
Having survived the photo shoot, the creative department is now plotting something that will make our publisher pull her own hair: photographing a platoon of impossibly gorgeous people in the middle of a volcano’s crater.
 Or are we?

Photography : DIEGO LORENZO JOSE @ Diego Images
Hair + Make up MC PASCUA & RALPH RUIZ @ Hairshaft
Accessories MING ONG @ Katha


Diego Lorenzo Jose said...

Looking forward to real volcano crater shoot!!

Anonymous said...

Adrenaline will make your magazine even more orgasmic!