Friday, February 25, 2011

Encounter With The Mind-blowing Kind

Sick of yet another round of Justin Bieber? Another radio loop of “I Want To Be A Billionaire” motivating you to erupt into sugar packet-flinging spree on unsuspecting Starbucks clientele?
When and if you’re in the mood for non-manufactured mush we have just the right kind of rediscovery for you:
Our first encounter with the peculiarly/intriguingly-named group happened all the way back when we were doing our Optimism Issue and we met one of the band members under different circumstances. We left having a pretty good impression of the category-defying brand of music of the group and fast-track several months later we encountered the band perform live for the first time and felt we need a thesaurus to describe the experience.
Flourishing under the maverick umbrella of Terno Recordings, EWAY’s recent appearance during a Terno Inferno gig at SaGuijo bar was nothing short of electric. Although we flatter ourselves with a misguided belief that we are a bunch of myopic listeners and have good taste as far as listening preferences are concerned (note the utter lack of ego and complete humility in this sentence) the performance shredded our eardrums into inconvertible admiration.
Great thing that the superfantastic Up Dharma Down was always on their best and could hold their ground with such conviction, competence and confidence otherwise EWAY could have eclipsed them easily. (Yes, we are also acolytes in the musical temple of Up Dharma Down.)
EWAY however was a mind-mending set. It’s unfair to compare their unique brand of sound to anyone though we noted slivers from Hiroshima, Velvet Underground, Pink Floyd, Deepset, the exotic appeal of Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir, and the swelling sensation you get from Gabriel Fauré or the epic timbres from the scores of either Vangelis or Ennio Morricone.  
This is not blind worship.
Call it uncontainable enthusiasm and we want more encounters with EWAY.

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